About Tanya White

Tanya white is an International lecturer, writer and educator with a focus on Tanach and Contemporary Jewish Thought. She is a graduate of the Matan Hasharon Scholars programme. She holds a Bsc from LSE in International Relations and an MA in Jewish studies and philosophy from LSJS and SOAS London. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University on the “The relationship between post-Holocaust thinking and postmodernism in the thought of Irving (Yitz) Greenberg”. She lectures to diverse audiences in Israel and Abroad, driven by a passion to exchange insights on the most pressing topics facing the modern Jewish world. Tanya has published numerous articles in books and on social media (see Tanya White, at The Blogs (timesofisrael.com)  Tanya is the mother of four daughters and lives with her husband and family on a Moshav in central Israel.

A little bit about me personally and this Blog: 

My husband Ian and I moved to Israel sixteen years ago from London. We live in a Moshav with our family. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s adage “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood”, informs the way I approach life and its vicissitudes .  In my eyes, life is a tapestry of experiences and insights, that when weaved together create a complex web of unique, authentic and raw beauty and meaning which I endeavour to integrate into my writing and teaching.

This blog is a tentative attempt at expressing these ideas. My search is for an authentic, honest approach to Torah that addresses the contemporary challenges of our unprecedented times. These challenges are  an opportunity to unpack the symbiotic relationship between judaism and the postmodern era using the language, concepts and enlightened ideas of the age to uncover the Torah’s ancient wisdom. In the iconic words of A.B. Heschel’s every generation approaches the Torah ‘like an ocean at the bottom of which countless pearls lie, waiting to be discovered.” The Jewish narrative is one that invites reappraisal, carrying its gifts and wisdom to each generation.  It has been cathartic, enlightening, frustrating and redeeming to finally put pen to paper, or more accurately fingertips to keypad. I hope that you will enjoy the blog and I encourage any feedback both positive and positively critical! Happy reading, thinking and above all questioning.PROFILE PIC

5 comments on “About Tanya White
  1. Nomi Spanglet says:

    Love your blog. I love you even more. Proud of you as well.

  2. Corinne Korzen says:

    do you send out regular emails for your blog and or articles??- just came from your amazing class

  3. Nicci Green Kahn says:

    שלום תניה ,
    I really enjoyed your Matan Rosh Hashana lecture .
    Another worthy Torah reference to the art of “going up” as opposed to down ,is at the burning bush
    וירא ה’ כי סר לראות
    A beautiful reference to Moshe looking up with awareness and noticing .
    Implying the internal ‘seeing’ , or intuiting that Hashem desires of us.
    With respect and appreciation ,for a healthy year,
    Nicci Green .

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