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The Never-ending Journey: Educating the ‘Waze’ Generation to Live with Questions – Parshat Lech Lecha 5775

For a printable PDF version click here:Lech Lecha 5775 Final We’ve lost the ability today to live with questions. Our children do not know what it is to go and do ‘research’ in a library, to open a book, find

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Building Unity through Diversity – Parshat Noach 5775

For a Printable PDF version click here: Parshat Noach- Unity Through Diversity The Threat of Universalism: As I scanned the newspaper over Shabbat I noticed that familiar feeling of dread creeping up on me again. As of late I find

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Yonah and Avraham: Escapism, Obedience and Living with Uncertainty

        The seeds of a Kikayon plant For a printable pdf version click here:  Yonah and Avraham – Escapism, obediance and living with Uncertainty Two narratives are read. One on Rosh Hashana, the other on Yom Kippur.

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