From Genesis to Hollywood: The sons of God and the abuse of power Parshat Noach

For a printable PDF version please click here:Tanya Parshat Noach 5778 updated Weinstein, Hollywood and the Sons of God Why does God send the flood? What sin is so great as to arouse Divine regret at creating the world leading

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Between Divine command and ethical compassion: Understanding two difficult texts on Rosh Hashana

As a religious Jew living in Israel there are constantly questions that arise that should beg reflection and introspection. When we see the faces of the children in Gaza and Syria, when we hear the cries of the agunot (chained

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In the Pursuit of Happiness or of Meaning? What constitutes חיים טובים – the ‘Good life’

For A printable PDF version please click here:happiness and meaning sukkot and further Introduction: There is a famous adage in Hebrew ‘yeladim ze Simcha’ – I sometimes wonder who coined this phrase -maybe someone who doesn’t have kids!? When they’re

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A counter-response to Rabbi Cardozo’s article on Rabbi Soloveitchik

For a printable PDF version please click here: Response to R. Cardozo II website For the original article by Rabbi Cardozo please click here : For my open letter in response to the original article please click here: For Rabbi

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An open letter to Rabbi Cardozo in response to his article on Rav Soloveitchik

For a printable PDF version click here:Letter to Rabbi Cardozo website For Rabbi Cardozo’s full response please see: Dear Rabbi Cardozo, For many years, I have read your articles and publications with interest. I greatly admire the way in

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Parshat Vaera Leadership and the Road to Greatness

For a Printable PDF please click here:parshat-vaera-the-road-to-greatness-5777 Moshe’s leadership is the quintessential test of character building.  It contrasts radically with many of the leaders in our age.  Leadership today is increasingly deemed worthy if it is bold, arrogant, certain and

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Parshat Lech-lecha: On Covenant, Crisis and Commitment

For a printable PDF version please click here:parshat-lech-lecha-5777 לזכות רפואה שלימה לאימי מורתי מינדל ליבא בת פיגא פרל בתוך שאר חולי ישראל In the merit of a complete recovery of my dear Mother and teacher Mindel Liba Bat Fayga Perl

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