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The Last Kaddish

THE LAST KADDISH This shabbat I will say the last kaddish for my father ז”ל. I will stand as I have now hundreds of times and repeat the mantra said by my ancestors countless times throughout our history. Yitkadal vayitkadash,

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Parshat Toldot: ‘הנני Hinneni’ – On Identity Development in an Instant World

I share a short thought from a very long blog with slight reluctance.  We live in a world where memes and twitters are about the length of our concentration. This week it becomes even more relevant since this theme of

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Measles, car crashes, Pittsburgh and Aliza Bloch

  Yesterday morning I was sitting in a lecture and the classic conundrum of determinism v agency arose. This is the age old question of is everything predetermined or are we autonomous free willed beings in control of our own

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