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For a printable PDF version please click here: parshat chukat – The sound of Silence This article is in memory of אלכסנדר בן אלעזר and in the zechut of a Refuah Shelema of מינדל ליבא בת פיגא פרל The silence between

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Hearing God in a Postmodern World: Purim as a celebration of community and textual interpretation

For a printable PDF click here:Purim – on Hearing God in a Postmodern world ליעילוי נשמת אלכסנדר בן אלעזר – In loving memory of אבי מורי Johnny Wiesenberg The ‘kedusha’ of megillat Esther At the heart of Chag Purim lies

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A Hesped for my Dear Father Z “L

My Father Jonnny (אלכסנדר בן אלעזר) was niftar suddenly on the 3rd January 17th Tevet aged 65.  His loss has created an enormous void for all his family friends and wider community. At his levaya I spoke giving him his

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For a printable PDF version click here: parshat vayishlach 5778 edited We are privileged to live in unprecedented times. Never before in the annals of Jewish history have we had a modern democratic Jewish state. Never in the annals of

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From Genesis to Hollywood: The sons of God and the abuse of power Parshat Noach

For a printable PDF version please click here:Tanya Parshat Noach 5778 updated Weinstein, Hollywood and the Sons of God Why does God send the flood? What sin is so great as to arouse Divine regret at creating the world leading

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Between Divine command and ethical compassion: Understanding two difficult texts on Rosh Hashana

As a religious Jew living in Israel there are constantly questions that arise that should beg reflection and introspection. When we see the faces of the children in Gaza and Syria, when we hear the cries of the agunot (chained

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In the Pursuit of Happiness or of Meaning? What constitutes חיים טובים – the ‘Good life’

For A printable PDF version please click here:happiness and meaning sukkot and further Introduction: There is a famous adage in Hebrew ‘yeladim ze Simcha’ – I sometimes wonder who coined this phrase -maybe someone who doesn’t have kids!? When they’re

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